jQuery plugin to disable text selection on elements

It took my a while to find a bit of script that worked cross browser, but the jquery plugin at http://code.jdempster.com/jQuery.DisableTextSelect/ does the job!

When working on the UI of a web application text would often get selected by the browser incorrectly, for example while dragging an element, or clicking on an element with an onclick event.

If you are using jquery already; download it, include it, then use:


If you need this functionality without including the whole of jquery, take a look at the source code for the plugin. It’s only about 20 lines long. It uses a different method for Firefox and Internet Explorer, with a fallback for everything else but it should be easy to convert in to native JS or another javascript framework.

RB Internal Links version 2!

After months of silence, it was time RB Internal Links got a much needed update pushed out for public use.

Complete rewrite
Yup, its been completely rewritten. I’ve stolen little bits of old code here and there, but the core of the plugin is now much leaner and cleaner. Files are organised properly, the lines of code is reduced, but the features have increased! Hopefully the cleaner structure will promote contributions from others.

Change in link code
This may sound a little crazy at first, but I’ve switched from:
<!--intlink id="1" -->
to using:
[intl1nk id="1"] (should be intlink, not intl1nk)

The square bracket format is the new standard for wordpress plugins and it also means I don’t have to worry about the parser anymore, wordpress takes care of it. “What about my old links?” you ask. Well, install the new version, log in to your admin panel and hit ‘Covert old link code” on the RB Internal Links plugin page. Simple!

New user interface
The old user interface was clumsy and a lot of people had trouble using it. This has been rewritten based on a new concept. Its heavily reliant on JS but its pretty and its easy to use. Any tips for making things even easier are very welcome!

Other new features
Search for posts via the UI (thanks for the suggestion all)

With the update comes a forum, which should help get bugs and new features fixed or included much quicker! Until now everything was handled on the blog comment page, and it was getting messy!

Check out the new forum here: RB Internal Links forum

It needs some posts so if you find a bug or have a new feature request please add it to the forum! I’ll also work on styling the forum up a little but so it isn’t using the default phpbb theme.

Back with wordpress 2.5 (RC1)

It has been a while since a post, I was hoping I wouldn’t slip in to a bad routine. Thanks for the comments so far, especially for the rb-internal-links plugin, can’t believe so many people are using it! Need to find a way to push it out there to more people if I can.

Back on topic, I’ve just installed release candidate 1 of the new version of wordpress. Matt mentioned on his blog that it would be a big one and it certainly is! From what I can tell the admin panel has been majorly revamped, both design wise and code wise. Logging in after the upgrade I had a few doubts but the new administration panel is impressively better (I liked the old one anyway). So far no major issues in upgrading from 2.4.x but I can see that I need to fix up the internal links plugin as the button has disappeared from the wysiwyg editor.

An update to the RB Internal Links plugin

I’ve neglected both the plugin and the blog a little lately due to the run up to Christmas but have made some time to release a major upgrade to rb internal links.

Some of the new features include:

  • Changing the charset to utf-8 for tinymce plugin (thanks to vanco)
  • A switch from the {{ … }} method to <!– … –> for entering a link
  • Putting in the option for ID or slug returned to editor, default to be ID (good idea, thanks again vanco)
  • Support for creating an internal link with an image
  • The intlink code is now hidden in visual mode, replaced with the highlighted text
  • The parsing engine has been completely rewritten for speed and scalability
  • Some code changes that should help people with problems related to the wysiwyg icon not turning up
  • Added filter for ‘the_content_rss’

I’d like to thank everybody that has commented on the blog so far regarding the plugin, it has been more popular than I had hoped for and I really appreciate it. More feedback, ideas and code very welcome!