Free movies from

A friend recently recommended signing up to SeeFilmFirst if I wanted some free tickets for up and coming films in the area. I have to admit, I was a little sceptical, but he’s already been to see one film for free and had a number of emails about others showing locally. I’m yet to get any notifications but I haven’t given up hope yet. I’ll post an update if it works out.

Cinema tickets certainly aren’t cheap but the power of word of mouth seems to outweigh the price of a few cinema tickets for production companies that give out these free tickets. I’m guessing the cinemas don’t lose but, with the price of their food, they’d probably make a profit from most people that attend anyway.

I did a quick ‘google’ for see film first and it appears that the movie tokens they send out are posted all over the web on “free stuff” and “hot deals” websites. If I start getting to see films for free I might see what else I can stop paying for (legally).