RB Internal Links wordpress plugin

What does this plugin do?

The internal link plugin allows blog owners to easily link to posts and pages within their wordpress blog without having to enter the full URL. Use wiki style tags to define a link when writing a post the sites permalink structure is maintained. The wiki code can be inserted manually or by using the wysiwyg plugin.

Can I see it in action?

Inline code
Inline code

Here are some screenshots taken using the plugin. The first is an example of the wiki code in the editor and the last two are examples of the wysiwyg plugin.


Latest version of RB Internal Links from the WP Repository

Download older versions


WordPress version 2.5+
PHP version 5+ (try Rb Internal Links v0.22 if you still have PHP 4)


  1. Upload the “rb-internal-links” folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plug-in
  3. Browse to Options > RB Internal Links to take a look at preferences
  4. Start internally linking


To manually link a page:
At the place you would like the link to appear write

link text

Exchanging post-slug or post-id for the post or page slug/id you would like to link to.


  • you can specify a class for the link using … class="my_class"
  • you can specify a target for the link using … target="_new"
  • you can specify an anchor to target on the linked page using … anchor="top"
  • you can put html in the text parameter, e.g. text=”<img src=’myimage.gif’ />”

Using the tinymce wysiwyg editor:

  • Make sure you’ve ticked “enable wysiwyg editor” on the plugin preferences page.
  • A new icon will appear on the wysiwyg toolbar, it looks like a page with a link over itClicking on the icon will pop-up a toolbox
  • Select the category the post you need is in or alternatively, choose pages for a list of pages
  • Click on the post or page you wish to link to
  • Fill in the optional properties for the link
  • Click “Insert Link”

Got a bug or request?

Please get in touch via the contact page until I can get this moved to Github!


Creating this plug-in was never about making any money but a few people have requested a way of making a small donation. I’m not going to turn them away! 🙂 Donations can be made via paypal using the button below.