Some random thoughts..

I’ve not had much time to blog or update rb internal links at all recently.. sorry about the latter. Anyway, I’ve read/heard two interesting things I didn’t want to forget so thought I’d put them here:

1. If you’re coasting, you’re going downhill.

2. At PHP London somebody asked “Whats your agile development process?”. I know there are processes for agile development, such as SCRUM, but if you have a formal process for agile development, is it truly agile? Although having just read the wikipedia article on agile development, I’m beginning to change my mind. Perhaps I was thinking of cowboy coding! 😉

I also liked this snippet:

Agile home ground:

  • Low criticality
  • Senior developers
  • Requirements change very often
  • Small number of developers
  • Culture that thrives on chaos

Plan-driven home ground:

  • High criticality
  • Junior developers
  • Requirements don’t change too often
  • Large number of developers
  • Culture that demands order

The Killers at the royal albert hall

“Not another Killers post!” I need to take some time to make a more interesting post, but for now some pictures from the gig will have to do. I wasn’t “allowed” to take my 400D so ended up with some blurry pictures from a point and shoot. Check out some better pictures of the gig at the BBC.

I think during Mr Brightside
I think during Mr Brightside
The K in the middle of the stage
The K in the middle of the stage
Radio 1 Logo on the roof mushrooms
Radio 1 Logo on the roof mushrooms

The killers human lyrics, denser not dancer

This post has become a heated debate. To sum it all up, its DANCER. To know why, carry on reading and definitely check out the comments!

I’m a bit of a Killers fan. I loved hot Fuss, liked Sam’s Town and am hoping I’ll like new album. I seem to be on the losing side but I like their new song, Human. Once it hits the charts I think people will suddenly change their minds and like it too.

At first I thought the lyrics were “are we human or are we dancers?”. Thinking this couldn’t be right I looked up the lyrics and found its not dancers, its denser. It appears I’m not the only one mishearing the lyrics. Popwatch have an entire article about it, crazy.

I’m 90% sure it is denser now, even if it does sound like dancers. It would be funny if the official lyric was dancer.

P.S. This post is just a segway segue (thanks Ann) so that I can gloat I got Killers tickets. 🙂

Edit: Since posting this it seems various other sources are confirming ‘dancer(s)’ as the actual word. I guess I was right, and then wrong, and now just confused.

Magnets + macbook pro = bad

It may seem obvious to most, in fact, its obvious to me… but, don’t leave a magnet resting on your laptop (above the hard drive) while you go to lunch!

I came back from lunch today and the guys in the office were looking at me worriedly. I asked why and they went on to explain that while I was away my laptop began to make loud clicking noises. They soon realised it was the magnet and moved it away but it seems all too late.

Why did I put a magnet on my laptop? I have a couple of those twizzly gadget magnets and I was fiddling with them while I tested out the paypal sandbox (see next post). I decided to go get some lunch and without thinking just popped them on my desk/laptop. Same thing? No.

Plus I hadn’t backed up my photos in a month (all work related stuff gets backed up anyway) so lost all my pictures of Rome and the trip through France. Bummer!