Wireless SD card for digital cameras

The coolest (practical) gadget I’ve come across in the last few days is this wireless SD card that you can use to automatically sync pictures from your digital camera to your PC.

The brilliant thing about this card is that it will work in current hardware without having to update anything. The wifi adapter and firmware are built in to the SD card allowing it to connect to wireless networks when your camera is on to sync photos to your computer and straight on to photo sharing sites.

My digital camera happens to require a special cable to connect it to the pc (why not just use standard connectors!!) so this would save a load of time and the need for carrying around a cable or a card reader. Only problem is at this moment in time I can’t find anyone selling them.

Iriver Clix: Napster Synchronise Issue

Switching on my Clix at the gym the other evening I was greeted by the error “To play this track you must sync your device to your PC“. A gym session feels a lot longer with only music channels to listen to!

I was sure I’d synchronised my device with Napster recently but to be sure I tried again and even transferred some new songs across to see if that helped but still, the same error for every napster song. I tried a firmware update but was on the latest version and so I decided a format was my only option and should sort out everything – wrong!
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