Play sounds using javascript on the fly

I was having some trouble getting sounds to play dynamically using javascript today. I’m not sure dynamically is the right word but basically I wanted different sounds to load and play on the click of a button using javascript without having to preload the sounds.

At first I tried using a single embed object, then changing the src of the embed on a button click and using embedObj.Play(); but for some reason changing the source of the file stopped that happening.

My second idea was to replace the entire embed code each time, and then call Play on the embed to get it to play. Still no luck!

Finally after a bit of searching I found somebody that had managed to do it. Its similar to my second idea only instead of calling .Play() on the embed object you just use autostart=true in the embed code, simple!

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Changing the power supply unit on a powermac g5, after it blows up!

If the PSU on you’re powermac g5 has gone, or you think it may have, you aren’t the only one (see macintouch forums). When I was reading around on the subject I read the failure rate is around 11%, I can’t remember the exact figure but hopefully I’ll find it again later. Luckily Apple did acknowledge the problem and has extended the warranty on the power supply, which you can claim here: Power Mac G5 Repair Extension Program for Power Supply Issues

A relatively new customer phoned us up last week in a panic, claiming his server (the powermac) had stopped working and wouldn’t even switch on. We’d recently set-up a remote backup solution for him and installed an extra internal hard drive in the powermac for local backup. I’m guessing the extra load of the hard drive took it over the edge. Needless to say he needed the server back up asap.

Phoning around we found one supplier with a spare powermac psu in stock. None of the local apple stores did and most companies sounded confused, as if I was asking a silly question. We ended up paying £150-£200 for the psu, a little on the expensive side but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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Free movies from

A friend recently recommended signing up to SeeFilmFirst if I wanted some free tickets for up and coming films in the area. I have to admit, I was a little sceptical, but he’s already been to see one film for free and had a number of emails about others showing locally. I’m yet to get any notifications but I haven’t given up hope yet. I’ll post an update if it works out.

Cinema tickets certainly aren’t cheap but the power of word of mouth seems to outweigh the price of a few cinema tickets for production companies that give out these free tickets. I’m guessing the cinemas don’t lose but, with the price of their food, they’d probably make a profit from most people that attend anyway.

I did a quick ‘google’ for see film first and it appears that the movie tokens they send out are posted all over the web on “free stuff” and “hot deals” websites. If I start getting to see films for free I might see what else I can stop paying for (legally).

Age of Empires LAN connection issues

I don’t often get time to play games any more but when I do a quick multiplayer game of Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors is still one of my favourites. Each time I come to play at least one of the computers in the house has been reinstalled and requires AOE to be setup on it again.

The problem I always come across, and one that many others seem to have come across, is that the computers can’t find the game. None of them have firewalls activated and they are all able to communicate with each other for other tasks

The trick is in the connection type when setting up and joining the game. It seems like a really odd choice but select “IPX Connection for Direct Play“. The most obvious choice would be a “TCP/IP Local Area Network” connection but no games are ever found.

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