Mouse double clicking on a single click in windows xp

For the last few days my mouse had been double clicking everytime I clicked and it made using the computer rather irritating. Luckily I only use my windows box for media so it didn’t really bother me.

I started investigating the issue tonight and tried a number of different techniques, checking various settings in folder options for what opens a folder and the double click speed for the mouse but nothing worked.

I tried unplugging the mouse and plugging it back in – that didn’t work. Another mouse did work – so I assumed the mouse was broken. I was about to throw it away but I thought I’d try reinstalling the drivers in a last ditch attempt.

Opening up device manager it turned out the mouse was somehow installed twice. I’m not sure whether this was a strange bug or perhaps it had something to do with the two wireless receivers I have (one for the keyboard and one for the mouse). Anyway – problem fixed and I can click properly again!

The killers human lyrics, denser not dancer

This post has become a heated debate. To sum it all up, its DANCER. To know why, carry on reading and definitely check out the comments!

I’m a bit of a Killers fan. I loved hot Fuss, liked Sam’s Town and am hoping I’ll like new album. I seem to be on the losing side but I like their new song, Human. Once it hits the charts I think people will suddenly change their minds and like it too.

At first I thought the lyrics were “are we human or are we dancers?”. Thinking this couldn’t be right I looked up the lyrics and found its not dancers, its denser. It appears I’m not the only one mishearing the lyrics. Popwatch have an entire article about it, crazy.

I’m 90% sure it is denser now, even if it does sound like dancers. It would be funny if the official lyric was dancer.

P.S. This post is just a segway segue (thanks Ann) so that I can gloat I got Killers tickets. 🙂

Edit: Since posting this it seems various other sources are confirming ‘dancer(s)’ as the actual word. I guess I was right, and then wrong, and now just confused.

Napster won’t stream songs anymore

If you have an internet connection and have tried the obvious (firewalls, restarting the computer, etc) and you still can’t stream songs from napster it may be that your Windows Media Player settings have decided to randomly change.

I had to phone up Napster support in the end, having tried everything else, and although they are also helpful and friendly, hopefully this will save someone else some time.

Steps to take:

  1. Close down Napster (including the icon in the start bar by the clock).
  2. Open up Windows Media Player (assuming WMP 11).
  3. Go to Tools > Options
  4. On the Player tab, check that ‘Connect to the Internet (overrides other commands)’ is ticked
  5. Go to the Network tab, check that RTSP/UDP is unticked.
  6. If you have the same problem I did, there won’t be anything in the ‘Streaming proxy settings’ box.
  7. Close Window Media Player
  8. Open up ‘My Computer’
  9. Go to Tools > Folder options
  10. Click on the view tab
  11. Select ‘Show hidden files and folders’
  12. Untick ‘Hide protected operating system files’
  13. Go to C:Documents and SettingsYour UsernameLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftWindows Media11.0
  14. Delete the file WMSDKNS.xml
  15. Open up Windows Media Player and check you now have ‘Streaming proxy settings’ on the network tab of options.
  16. Close down WMP.
  17. Open up Napster
  18. Start streaming again! 🙂

If that doesn’t work, give Napster support a call. They’re pretty good, better than most support companies I deal with.

Paypal IPN from the sandbox not working

I spent two hours today trying to figure out why paypal wasn’t sending any instant payment notifications (IPN) to one of our new projects. Everything seemed right, I had notify_url in the form, the script could be accessed remotely, I had logging on for http and the script itself. After processing a payment I had 0 requests from the paypal servers hit our development server.

I read around various blogs and discussion forums for obvious problems, of which there are many (see below), but I was sure I had done everything right!

Eventually I stumbled across some posts on the paypal developers forum where a few posters were complaining that the sandbox IPN posts were either really slow (hours) or just never got sent. Worse still, there was one post where paypal acknowledged that payment notifications just did not work on the sandbox for two months!! Continue reading “Paypal IPN from the sandbox not working”