ReportService2010.asmx is not the only SSRS 2008 R2 end point

In our on-going quest to create a PHP SDK for Sql Reporing Services 2008 RS, we’ve shot ourselves in the foot by not reading the documentation properly.

The end point documentation states that:

The ReportService2005 and ReportService2006 endpoints are deprecated in SQL Server 2008 R2. The ReportService2010 endpoint includes the functionalities of both endpoints and contains additional management features.

We took this to mean that all end point functions were handled by ReportService2010.asmx but couldn’t find a way to render a report through this service. If we’d read down a little further we could have discovered that execution requests (i.e. rendering reports) is still handled by┬áReportExecution2005.asmx

As the MSDN documentation concludes, there are three endpoints for Sql Server 2008 RS:

ReportService2010 Provides the APIs for managing a report server that is configured for either native or SharePoint integrated mode.
ReportExecution2005 Provides the APIs for running and navigating reports.
ReportServiceAuthentication Provides the APIs for authenticating users against a report server when the SharePoint Web application is configured for Forms Authentication.