PhpMyDiff v0.0.3

I had to use PhpMyDiff at work today for this first time in a while and managed to fix up a few bugs. I’ve also implemented a new way of comparing databases if the tables use the MyISAM engine. Rather than having to grab every row from the table and compare row by row, mysql has a CHECKSUM function, which quickly returns the table checksum. If the checksums are different the original process (of grabbing the data) comes back in to play but for databases with only a few table changes, its a huge speed increase.

Given time I’d like to introduce a similar row by row checksum, which should be easy enough for tables with a primary key. PhpMyDiff is still a long way from complete, but it may slowly get there!

Oh, it should also be possible to compare any database type supported by Zend_Db now, although I haven’t had the chance to test this at all. I’m sure something will break, as a few of my queries are probably MySQL specific!!

Feedback would be great if anyone gets the time… check it out at