phpMyDiff – Compare mysql database schema and data

At work I’ve been maintaining a number of development areas and needed a way to compare database changes so that I didn’t overwrite a clients changes with my new/updated data from developing a new feature.

There seemed to be many ways of comparing the schema of two databases, but nothing to compare the changes in data (unless I was looking in the wrong places). I decided to write something that would help me out and have released it publicly.

You provide the connection details of two databases (server, username, password, name),  select the tables you would like to compare and hit “Compare”. The resulting page is a list of all schema and data changes.

There are plans to style the application (at the moment its simple blocks and tables) and more importantly, allow you to select which differences you would like to apply before creating a .sql diff file.

If its something you’re interested in, trying check out the google code page for the project. Its currently in beta with better performance, stability and functionality to come!

phpMyDiff at Google Code