All things go!

Things have been extremely busy over the last few weeks, not had a chance to stay on top of the blog or the plugin. Thought I’d update everyone with some progress.

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Not had a chance to update the plugin with any cool features yet. As far as I know, the only thing people are waiting on is better language/encoding support. I will get round to this soon!


Works been busy but fun, we’ve just launched a new product. It’s a financial content management system (yes, shameless plug) that accepts fund data in a variety of formats and produces graphs and statistics etc. Its also bundled with the usual suite of CMS features, all tailored to the financial sector.

We’re also thinking of moving offices soon, got our eye on a very nice place not too far away. After this summer the lure of air conditioning in every office was just too tempting. It’s also got its own datacenter which will house our development server nicely!


Just got back from a tranquil week away in the south of France. Got to take the new car with me, was a lot of fun! I took a picture on my phone one morning when we went to get breakfast, came out a little blurry.

My C30 in Monfort
My C30 in Monfort