RB Internal Links version 2!

After months of silence, it was time RB Internal Links got a much needed update pushed out for public use.

Complete rewrite
Yup, its been completely rewritten. I’ve stolen little bits of old code here and there, but the core of the plugin is now much leaner and cleaner. Files are organised properly, the lines of code is reduced, but the features have increased! Hopefully the cleaner structure will promote contributions from others.

Change in link code
This may sound a little crazy at first, but I’ve switched from:
<!--intlink id="1" -->
to using:
[intl1nk id="1"] (should be intlink, not intl1nk)

The square bracket format is the new standard for wordpress plugins and it also means I don’t have to worry about the parser anymore, wordpress takes care of it. “What about my old links?” you ask. Well, install the new version, log in to your admin panel and hit ‘Covert old link code” on the RB Internal Links plugin page. Simple!

New user interface
The old user interface was clumsy and a lot of people had trouble using it. This has been rewritten based on a new concept. Its heavily reliant on JS but its pretty and its easy to use. Any tips for making things even easier are very welcome!

Other new features
Search for posts via the UI (thanks for the suggestion all)

With the update comes a forum, which should help get bugs and new features fixed or included much quicker! Until now everything was handled on the blog comment page, and it was getting messy!

Check out the new forum here: RB Internal Links forum

It needs some posts so if you find a bug or have a new feature request please add it to the forum! I’ll also work on styling the forum up a little but so it isn’t using the default phpbb theme.