Some random thoughts..

I’ve not had much time to blog or update rb internal links at all recently.. sorry about the latter. Anyway, I’ve read/heard two interesting things I didn’t want to forget so thought I’d put them here:

1. If you’re coasting, you’re going downhill.

2. At PHP London somebody asked “Whats your agile development process?”. I know there are processes for agile development, such as SCRUM, but if you have a formal process for agile development, is it truly agile? Although having just read the wikipedia article on agile development, I’m beginning to change my mind. Perhaps I was thinking of cowboy coding! 😉

I also liked this snippet:

Agile home ground:

  • Low criticality
  • Senior developers
  • Requirements change very often
  • Small number of developers
  • Culture that thrives on chaos

Plan-driven home ground:

  • High criticality
  • Junior developers
  • Requirements don’t change too often
  • Large number of developers
  • Culture that demands order