Blackberry storm multi select messages

I just upgraded to the Blackberry Storm despite reading mixed reviews and after day one am quite happy with it. There are a few niggles but overall I think it does a good job.

One of my major concerns was that I couldn’t select multiple messages or itemsĀ  to delete en masse. I flicked through the manual (for some reason I never read the manual first) and couldn’t find anything. A google search quickly solved the problem.

To multi-select:

  1. Hover on the first item you need to select (using your thumb is the suggestion)
  2. Quickly hover over the item below (you have to be pretty quick, use a different finger)
  3. This should put you in to multi select mode, there will be a blue square in the bottom corner
  4. Hovering on an item in this mode will select all items between it and the first item selected
  5. To get out of this mode, click on the blue sqaure

I use the word item, essetianlly I wanted to select mutlple messages but I think the trick also applies to other things too.