The killers human lyrics, denser not dancer

This post has become a heated debate. To sum it all up, its DANCER. To know why, carry on reading and definitely check out the comments!

I’m a bit of a Killers fan. I loved hot Fuss, liked Sam’s Town and am hoping I’ll like new album. I seem to be on the losing side but I like their new song, Human. Once it hits the charts I think people will suddenly change their minds and like it too.

At first I thought the lyrics were “are we human or are we dancers?”. Thinking this couldn’t be right I looked up the lyrics and found its not dancers, its denser. It appears I’m not the only one mishearing the lyrics. Popwatch have an entire article about it, crazy.

I’m 90% sure it is denser now, even if it does sound like dancers. It would be funny if the official lyric was dancer.

P.S. This post is just a segway segue (thanks Ann) so that I can gloat I got Killers tickets. 🙂

Edit: Since posting this it seems various other sources are confirming ‘dancer(s)’ as the actual word. I guess I was right, and then wrong, and now just confused.