An update to the RB Internal Links plugin

I’ve neglected both the plugin and the blog a little lately due to the run up to Christmas but have made some time to release a major upgrade to rb internal links.

Some of the new features include:

  • Changing the charset to utf-8 for tinymce plugin (thanks to vanco)
  • A switch from the {{ … }} method to <!– … –> for entering a link
  • Putting in the option for ID or slug returned to editor, default to be ID (good idea, thanks again vanco)
  • Support for creating an internal link with an image
  • The intlink code is now hidden in visual mode, replaced with the highlighted text
  • The parsing engine has been completely rewritten for speed and scalability
  • Some code changes that should help people with problems related to the wysiwyg icon not turning up
  • Added filter for ‘the_content_rss’

I’d like to thank everybody that has commented on the blog so far regarding the plugin, it has been more popular than I had hoped for and I really appreciate it. More feedback, ideas and code very welcome!