The history of a website

Having just launched the blog I’m setting up as many SEO tools as I can, ensuring that the blog has a reasonable chance of getting any audience at all. I just set up the site in Google Webmaster Tools and noticed that google already had data for the site.

My first reaction was “blimey, that was fast!” thinking that Google had started to index my site in under 12 hours. After a little research I realised that Google had kept data from the last owners website in its records. To no surprise it seems my blog name is a little unoriginal.

Thanks to the way back machine I managed to find out a little about the previous site. I’m not sure how it was styled but at least you get to see the content. I wonder whether the data Google has from the previous site will have any advantages or disadvantages to my future rankings.

I’ve never really thought about the history of a domain name before but in tribute to the previous random blog: