Iriver Clix: Napster Synchronise Issue

Switching on my Clix at the gym the other evening I was greeted by the error “To play this track you must sync your device to your PC“. A gym session feels a lot longer with only music channels to listen to!

I was sure I’d synchronised my device with Napster recently but to be sure I tried again and even transferred some new songs across to see if that helped but still, the same error for every napster song. I tried a firmware update but was on the latest version and so I decided a format was my only option and should sort out everything – wrong!

As a last resort, I thought I’d contact Napster support who were actually very helpful (at stay open til 9pm)! They walked me through some steps that would force my device to reload its play for sure licenses. It didn’t work when I was on the phone to them but I tried the same process again afterwards and somehow, it worked!

After a quick google of the problem I found that a number of people have experienced similar problems with no resolution. If you are one of these people, try this:

  1. Format your device (may be optional) and unplug it from the computer.
  2. Open windows media player and right click on the “Sync” button.
  3. Click on “More options..” and go to the “Privacy” tab.
  4. At the bottom click on the “Clear History” and “Clear Cache” buttons.
  5. Close windows media player.
  6. Go to this microsoft support page and download the relevant package for your PC.
  7. Go to the napster support site and download the file named “DR1009.exe” which should force napster to reload the licenses. (Please note the disclaimer at the top of the support page).
  8. Restart your computer and synchronise your device.

This process worked for me second time, I think the first time I messed up by leaving me device plugged in. I just hope this helps other music deprived Napster users.