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RB Internal Links v2.0.14

A mini maintenance release addressing a shortfall in the wordpress shortcode parser.

Unfortunately the wordpress shortcode API can’t successfully process the following:

[intlink id="1" /]
Normal content
[intlink id="2"]Link content[/intlink]


[intlink id="1"][/intlink]
Normal content
[intlink id="2"]Link content[/intlink]

To circumvent this, where users require no link text (to display the post title), the plugin will now accept the string “{{empty}}” as the link content like so:

[intlink id="1"]{{empty}}[/intlink]
Normal content
[intlink id="2"]Link content[/intlink]

I submitted a bug 2 years ago [], unfortunately it remains unfixed at the date of this post.

RB Internal Links v2.0.13

v2.0.13 (08/03/2011)

  • Added support for custom post types
  • WIKI style support for posts that don’t exist when logged in as an admin
  • Class of “missingLink” applied to anchor of links with no post/page
  • Show posts with a status of ‘post’, ‘draft’, ‘pending’ or ‘future’ in UI list
  • Italian translation file